How to Jump Higher

jump higher stoudamire dunkThe Next 3 Minutes Could Change Your Career in Sports!

You Want to Finally Start Dunking? Ready to step up your game and being a playmaker, making more shots, getting rebounds, and be unstoppable on the court? If you have tried, then you know it is not as easy as it should be. You need to know the tricks and tips to get you ahead of all the other basketball players if you want to be at the top.

It’s not hard if you know how, but if you don’t know the tricks, you could spend years with very little progress. The Jump Manual has helped thousands of athletes with how to jump higher because it is the highest rated jump higher program available, featured in ESPN, Men’s Health, and others.

jump higher

The Jump Manual has All of This:how to jump higher

  • Gain at least 10 inches to your vertical jump. Guaranteed.
  • Learn what the Pro’s know, watch videos from their jumping coaches and shooting coaches to perfect your jump and get the most out of your game. These interviews alone are priceless.
  • Nutrition Plan, Full Jumping Workout, Complete Training Videos, One-on-One coaching that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Plus all of this and more: forum for athletes and coaches to ask questions, get answers. Interviews with NBA coaches. Plus software and tips to get everything out of your jump.
  • Everything you need in one place on how to jump higher.

Guaranteed Results. See all of these testimonies here (just click on the link and then scroll down to see them).

In order to jump higher, you need three different, specific things, without them, you cannot reach your jumping potential, and I’ll show you why.

The first thing you need are the right jumping workouts. If you use the wrong jumping workouts, you will actually hurt your ability to jump higher, that is because you must work the right muscles, which are fast twitch muscles (which are the quick and explosive muscles). Most workouts will have you work on squats and leg presses and lunges. I will tell you from experience that these do not work, they cannot work because those movements are nothing like jumping movements. You need the right jumping workouts and jumping exercises.

The next thing you need is the right nutritional plan, and before you lose interest (because we all hate to hear about nutrition), the thing is that if you aren’t eating some foods to help build muscle, then you will not build muscle. And if you aren’t building muscle, then you are wasting your time working out. Completely wasting it. You might as well sit on the couch and dream. With a few of the right foods, though, you can build muscle quicker than you have ever seen. You would you are on steroids or creatine, but it is simply the foods you eat.

The last thing you need are the tips that the professionals know how to jump higher. You can spend all the time in the world working out and eating right, but if you have the inside scoop, then you can get the results in a much shorter amount of time, like weeks instead of months or years.

Imagine these two possibilities: If you got this program now, what would your ability look like in 12 weeks (jumping 10 inches higher)? And what if you decided to do it your own way, would you be jumping anywhere close to 10 inches? And in just 2 months time?

I won’t bore you with my story now, but let’s just say I spent 3 years trying to jump higher and dunk, and I got absolutely nowhere.

The last thing that you really need is a coach. Someone to show you exactly how to do every single thing. Someone to answer all questions and give feedback to get the most out of you. There is always a way to get more from ourselves, and that is what a coach is for. Imagine if you had the most popular and knowledgeable coach on how to jump higher at your call, so that no question is in your way? Because that is what you get with the Jump Manual. Jacob Hiller is the most in-demand jumping coach, and you can get access to him and all of his knowledge.

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