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7 Tips to Make You Jump Higher

14 May 2011 No Comment

So you want some tips to jump higher? Then here’s a short list of 7 for you to get started. Just know that the more you can do, the better. Improvement comes with work, so be sure to put some time into your dream.

  1. Get Some New Shoes — This will give you a better platform to run on and jump on. Shoes have a life span just like anything, so make sure that you are replacing them when you can. If it has been a couple months and you have been playing a lot, then it is probably time to replace.
  2. Start a Jumping Workout — This will get you the most long term progress because this will strengthen your muscles and give you the strength to jump higher. This is key for any program. So grab a great Jumping Workout to get started.
  3. Stretch Correctly — You will be surprised at how much this will actually help. I have seen jumpers jump higher off this one tip (when done correctly) in a matter of minutes. See this article about how to jump higher to dunk for more.
  4. Warm Up — This is very overlooked for most athletes who aren’t playing professional because it is usually too much work. But if you want to get your muscles ready to jump and also protect yourself from injury, you should have an intensive warm up. That means you are sweating by the end of your warm up.
  5. Get a Program — If you are serious about jumping higher, then you will need a jumping program. Without it, you will be left to your own plan rather than a professional, proven plan that has worked for thousands of athletes.
  6. Run Faster — This seems odd to throw this one in when I’m talking about jumping higher, but the truth is that if you want to jump higher, then you need to speed up right before you take off. This is key because it is like a ramp, if you slow down at the end, you will lose all of your momentum and will lose most of your vertical.
  7. Use Your Arms — When you jump using just your leg muscles, you only use a fraction of your jumping ability. Your jumping power comes from your entire body throwing itself up into the air. And when you use your arms as counter-weights, you can get more height and power out of your jump. Just try it: jump as high as you can while swinging your arms to help, then try to jump with your arms stretched above your head while not moving. Go here and watch the video about box jumps to see it visually.

So try those out, they are a concise list of tips to jump higher, and you should see that they will help you a ton as long as you put them into practice. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to write these out to remind yourself. Because I promise that they will help.

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