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Quick and Simple Basketball Workouts to Jump Higher

25 May 2011 No Comment

There are so many different basketball workouts out there that it is so hard to decide which ones work and which ones won’t. So I’ll keep it easy for you and tell you the quick and simple basketball workouts to jump higher and they are guaranteed to work. Or you can yell at me, or something.

But after you warmup, then make sure to follow this basketball workouts to jump higher.

Jump Rope – This is the easiest exercise that will help you to build strength in your lower legs as well as build up the strength in your tendons which is necessary for a quick jump during basketball games and such. If you do not, then your legs will not be ready to jump as much as you could.

Just by doing the regular jump rope exercises and also making sure to focus on single leg hops with each leg so that you are not doing the same thing over and over.

High Jumps – These jumping exercises will get you to stretch your comfort zone for jumping so that you can start jumping higher than you have been. The key is to make sure that you are always pushing yourself to jump your highest.

So start with a spot on a wall or on the backboard that you can jump up and touch with your hand. Then jump up and touch it with your hand, then as soon as you land, immediately jump back up again. Repeat 15-25 times until you cannot jump that high again. Make sure to keep stretching that point higher and higher.

Lay-Up Drills – This is the one that will put together both the basketball and jumping so that you get the most out of both. It is best if you have a full court, but if you don’t, then no problem, just cut this drill in half. Start under the backboard of one hoop. Run down to the opposite hoop as fast as you can while dribbling the basketball. At the other hoop, jump as high as you can and lay in the basketball. Touch the backboard if you can jump that jump that high. Then repeat.

Always go your fastest and try to make 20-50 lay ups in a row (depending on how good you are at basketball, stretch this over time).

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