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Which is the Best Vertical Jump Program? We Rate the Top 3

25 July 2011 No Comment

If you are serious about increasing your vertical jump, then the only way to do that is to get the best vertical jump program. Nothing will get the same results than a complete, planned out jump program. But with all of the ones online, you need to know which is actually the absolute best vertical jump program. And let me tell you, I’ve tried them all.

First, let’s narrow it down for you because there are 3 serious jumping programs out there and you can completely ignore all the rest: The Jump Manual, Air Alert, and The Vertical Project.best vertical jump program

  • The first one is definitely the best vertical jump program, The Jump Manual. This one has been rated the #1 jumping program available. It has also been shown in ESPN and Men’s Health Magazine, and you can see by the testimonies on their site that thousands of other athletes have gotten results with this program.

    They give tons of resources such as full workout plans in order to know exactly what you need to do every day so you don’t have to waste time putting together or finding workouts, complete video library to show proper jump mechanics and jumping exercises, plus access to the lead jumping coach in the world for one-on-one coaching, and forums, nutritional plans, interviews with NBA coaches and professional athletes, and more.

Get this Free Download from the maker of The Jump Manual to jump higher in 45 minutes, guaranteed. Let me know where I can send it.

  • The next one is Air Alert, Not the best vertical jump programwhich had been the most popular but isn’t the best vertical jump program because it what you typically expect from a jumping program which is a list of workouts to do every day for 15 weeks, then another phase for 6 more weeks, etc. But the problem is that you only get a list of workouts and you only get good at jumping a lot of times, not jumping really high.

    If you want to jump really high, you need to do more than just jumping exercises, you need jumping form, the right jumping exercises, and some sort of nutritional plan to build more muscles. So basically, you need more than just a list of exercises.

  • The last one is good, but for the money it is not the best vertical jump program. The thing costs just under $300, which is too much for a jumping program. And when you can get all the same things and the same results for 5x less, then why pay more?The most expensive vertical jump program

    So feel free to check out The Vertical Project, but if you really want to increase your vertical and you don’t want to throw money away, then go with the best vertical jump program which is The Jump Manual.

As you can see there are good things and bad things about each program, but The Jump Manual is by far the best jump program because of what you get for the price and the money-back guarantee (which is no questions asked, complete refund if you don’t increase your vertical by 10 inches in 12 weeks, which is more than the others have).

If you want a test-ride, then download the Free 45 Minute Guide to Jumping Higher from the maker of The Jump Manual. Just put in your email address so I can send it to you. And I guarantee you will learn exactly how you can increase your vertical in the 15 page guide.

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