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[ 10 Jul 2011 | Comments Off ]
The 9 Steps to Make You Jump Higher Immediately

You want to dunk, you want to jump higher, you need to stand out from the rest of your team and start playing at a higher level, and of course you need a way to make you jump higher quickly, but there are so many unhelpful websites and resources out there which will get you no closer to actually jumping higher and dunking.
So here are the ultimate tips that will make you jump higher immediately. And I guarantee that after you read this and put it to work, you will …

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[ 22 Jun 2011 | Comments Off ]
Jumping Higher Techniques

There are a lot of different jumping higher techniques, but if you really want to increase your vertical, then there are a few specific techniques that will help more than others.
The first, is to go with some of the top jumping programs that guarantee a result or your money back. These jumping programs definitely work the best out of all of these because you get all the techniques in one complete package that works for so many others and is guaranteed to work for you.
Other jumping higher techniques will …

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[ 14 Jun 2011 | Comments Off ]
How to Increase Vertical

There are just 3 things that you need to know for how to increase vertical. As long as you have these three you can increase vertical more quickly than anything else.
So what does that mean? What are the three things that you need? Form, Strength, and Flexibility.
With the right form, you can learn how to increase vertical because you will line up your body in a way to jump higher within minutes of correcting bad form. The key here is to not lean too far forward. When you lean forward, …

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[ 13 Jun 2011 | Comments Off ]
What Do I Need to Learn How To Dunk

The most awesome way to score in basketball is definitely a dunk. Few things will get the crowd on their feet instantly like dunking, especially when you can dunk over someone. When you can throw down in someone’s face is the coolest way to beat the other team, both with points and with just making them feel defeated.
So how to dunk? How can you learn to do this effectively and consistently? Well to learn how to dunk, there are 3 simple things that you need:

Be able to jump high
Be able …

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[ 26 May 2011 | Comments Off ]
The Best “How To Jump Higher” Tips

If you want some great “How To Jump Higher” Tips, then you are at the right place. Too many people will give out tips that sound good, but aren’t very helpful or effective. The reason being they do not do their homework when it comes to how to jump higher.

Get a Jumping Workout – If you don’t then you won’t have a plan to start jumping higher. Check out these Jumping Workouts.
Create a Plan – This is different from a workout because you need to know your goal and …

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[ 24 May 2011 | Comments Off ]
Effective Ways to Jump Higher Today

There are a lot of great ways to jump higher, and there are definitely ones that do not work at all. But if you want the effective ones, then these are it. You must realize that in order to jump higher you need more than a jumping workout to get you there. So here are the actual effective ways to jump higher.
The first thing you need is to stretch. And don’t worry, I don’t mean like you used to do which never did anything ever and was completely useless to …

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[ 23 May 2011 | Comments Off ]
How to Jump Higher and Dunk

For a lot of people (like me) it isn’t enough to just jump higher, I want to jump higher and dunk, and to do it well so that people are amazed and stunned by what I can do by jumping higher. There are few things cooler than being able to jump higher, dunk, and hear the crowd. So you want to know how to do it? It isn’t too hard.
First, you need to realize that it will take some work, if you are committed to it. So don’t give up …

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[ 19 May 2011 | Comments Off ]
How To Jump Higher for Free

If you are a cheap-wad like me, then you are going to look for every way to do something without spending money before even considering a paid option. So if you want to jump higher for free? Then you will need to get some good jumping workouts first, like the ones I have here. And also, you will need some technique.
The thing about learning how to jump higher for free is that you will need to piece everything together instead of having it all in one place in a nice …

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[ 14 May 2011 | Comments Off ]
7 Tips to Make You Jump Higher

So you want some tips to jump higher? Then here’s a short list of 7 for you to get started. Just know that the more you can do, the better. Improvement comes with work, so be sure to put some time into your dream.

Get Some New Shoes — This will give you a better platform to run on and jump on. Shoes have a life span just like anything, so make sure that you are replacing them when you can. If it has been a couple months and you have …

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[ 13 May 2011 | Comments Off ]
How to Jump Higher to Dunk

If you really want to know how to jump higher to dunk, I’ll let you in on a secret. And it will only require a little stretching.
I’m serious. If you are close to dunking, but somehow cannot quite get that last little bit in order to dunk, then I will let you in on a secret that will get you jumping higher in no time. Literally.
There are a few stretches that you will have to do in order to squeeze out a little more out of your jump.
Psoas Stretch …