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The 7 Best Plyometric Drills to Jump Higher

7 April 2011 No Comment

The best drills to jump higher are definitely plyometric drills. These drills will help you jump higher because they are jumping exercises and will focus on your jumping muscles. There are tons of plyometric drills to jump higher, but before you just jump in and get started, it is best to start with some sort of plan so you can focus on the most improvement right at the beginning and build the most power and strength for jumping higher.

And don’t make the mistake of going out strong for the first couple days then stopping after that. The best thing about plyometric drills to jump higher, is that you will get further if you start off easier and build up to the next week and beyond. So you can be pretty lazy for the first couple days before it gets hard. Start with only 3 different exercises, then build up to 5, then 7. And you never need to do more than 7 plyometric drills.

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Here’s a list of plyometric drills to jump higher

  • Box Jumps – the best plyometric exercise, and always a good one to start out with. Get a large box or obstacle you can jump onto. Stand in front of it with both feet together. Jumping with both feet and using both arms, jump on top of the box. Hop back down and immediately jump up again.
  • Depth Jumps – This is another great drill because it focuses on jumping quickly after landing. Stand on a large box and jump down to the ground and immediately jump up as high as you can as soon as you touch the ground. When you land, simply step back up on top of the box.
  • Bounding – Bounding is like exaggerated skipping, see the video about bounding here if you haven’t seen it before. But you can perform bounding without boxes, but to push yourself, grab a few small plyometric boxes only a couple inches off the ground and set them apart to every other step. Then to get a better workout, simply lengthen the distance of every step so that you push more powerfully for each time.
  • Jumping Over Boxes – This is just as it sounds. Grab a box about the same height as for your box jumps, and instead of just jumping onto it, jump over the box, then turn around and jump back.
  • Single Leg Box Jumps – Just the same as box jumps, but this time only use one leg. You will want to use a smaller box than the one for the regular box jumps. And always start with one leg, then switch.
  • Side-to-Side Hops – These have also been called line jumps or box drill or something else. But they are simply side-to-side hops. Pick a line and stand parallel to it. With both feet together, jump side to side across this line. When that is too easy, grab a cone or other obstacle to jump over. And when that’s easy, use only one leg to jump.
  • Back and Forth Hops – Just like the side-to-side hops, only place your body so that you are standing in front of the line and then jump forward and backwards over this line.

These are all great plyometric drills to jump higher. Let me know how you like them for your workout.

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