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Effective Ways to Jump Higher Today

24 May 2011 No Comment

There are a lot of great ways to jump higher, and there are definitely ones that do not work at all. But if you want the effective ones, then these are it. You must realize that in order to jump higher you need more than a jumping workout to get you there. So here are the actual effective ways to jump higher.

The first thing you need is to stretch. And don’t worry, I don’t mean like you used to do which never did anything ever and was completely useless to anyone except old people. This stretching will actually help you to jump higher because it essentially turns off the muscles that stay tight and keep you from jumping your highest.

Get in lunge position with your right leg in front and kneeling on your left knee. Lean back with your upper body and push your hips forward. Then twist your body towards the right and you will feel the pull in your glutes and your thighs.

This is called the Psoas stretch, and it will stretch out your Psoas muscle which keeps you on the ground.

Try this out as well as these three below, because these are the most effective ways to jump higher.

jump higher

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