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Exercises to Increase Vertical

2 May 2011 No Comment

Do you need some exercises to increase vertical? Well, then you have come to the right place. There are not a lot of things that you really need except a will to win and a desire to dunk, and by seeing you here I’m assuming you have both. So let’s get started.

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But the best exercises are plyometric exercises. If you haven’t heard about them, they are the best exercises to focus on your jumping and quick movements because that is what they are. From ladders to box jumps, they will build the quickness you need and the ability to jump immediately whenever you need.

So these are some plyometric exercises that will help your jump.

Depth Jumps — Depth Jumps are the best exercises to build that quick return jump. So that when you are coming back down from a rebound, you can immediately jump up for the dunk or continue to fight to keep that rebound while your opponent starts to tire out and can’t jump as high.

Start on a box or a platform that is no larger than 2-3 feet off the ground. Hop down from that box and immediately explode up as high as you can. If you have something that you can jump up and touch, then use that to see how consistent you are. After you land, step back up on top of the box and repeat.

Box Jumps — These exercises will allow you to explode up and will give you a reference for when you start increasing your vertical jump. They also will focus on your form so that you will use your arms correctly to give yourself the highest jump.

Start with a box or platform just like in the depth jumps. But instead of starting on the box, start on the ground in front of the box. With both feet together and using your whole body like you normally would, jump as high as you can and onto the box. Step down and repeat.

Bounding — This exercise will give you even more coordination and form for your jump and it doesn’t require anything other than a small amount of space. This exercise will help you to jump up off of a fast break or when you attack the lane and drive to the basket.

Start by running a few steps, and then exaggerate the knee drive and the arms so that you are running with strong, powerful steps. Focus on taking large steps and holding the position at the height of your jump. For a video to better explain this, watch this.

Jump Rope Exercises — These are the original plyometric exercises, and the best thing about them is that you don’t have to use a jump rope. When I don’t have a lot of room, I end up not using one, which is fine. It allows me to focus on jumping rather than hitting myself with the jump rope.

But start with the regular two-footed jump, but instead of the normal jumps, jump as high as you can with the jump rope motion, and repeat. This will build your calves and help you get quickness and jumping endurance.

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