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Exercises to Make You Jump Higher

30 June 2011 No Comment

There are a lot of exercises out there, and there are a few exercises that will make you jump higher, just make sure that these exercises are a part of a good jumping program like the one below, otherwise you will be simply wasting your time.

jump higher

Otherwise, these are the exercises to make you jump higher.

Plyometric Exercises to Make You Jump Higher

Box Jumps – These exercises are the best because you will get used to jumping higher by jumping onto a box. How simple is that? Get a large box or obstacle that you have to work to jump up onto, stand in front of it, and jump as high as you can then onto the box. Hop back down, and repeat.

Jump Rope Exercises – Jump Rope Exercises are the classic for everything jumping. The best thing about it is they build the elasticity in your tendons that help make you jump higher.

Tuck Jumps – Get more used to jumping high and more flexible with this exercise by standing and jumping and bringing your knees as high as possible, almost to your chest. When you can start bringing your knees to your chest, you will gain much more agility and strength that gets you more comfortable with being in the air. It will build your coordination in the air.

Perform these exercises to make you jump higher, and you will find that you can improve in less than a few weeks, and you can improve significantly in a short period of time. Sooner than you would expect.

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