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Get the Most From Jumping Workouts

18 December 2010 One Comment

If you haven’t started doing jumping workouts, then you should start now. Not only are they good for your cardio and leg strength, you can be jumping higher in no time if you keep doing your jumping workouts each week. It won’t take long.

Also, you can use the exercises in my downloadable Ebook for these jumping workouts.

But the best thing is that they burn more calories than running or biking because they use more muscles at more times without much rest in between. So the dynamic movements and little rest will work your fast twitch muscles for more explosive power and a leaner body.

So how should you set up your jumping workouts? Well there are a few ways, but the one I am going to show you is probably the easiest way.

  1. First get a set of 5-10 different exercises.
  2. Next set them up in a way so you can go from one to the next without any break. So if you need to grab dumbbells or have a weight bench, then have that ready to go.
  3. Then do these 5-10 exercises in a row, without stopping or resting. Push yourself all the way through and you can stop after the last exercise.
  4. Take a 60-90 second rest after you complete the first circuit, then repeat another circuit.
  5. Do 3-5 circuits for your jumping workouts, but depending on your fitness level, start with something easy and build quickly.

This is the most productive way I have found to fit any one of my jumping workouts into a short period of time and get the most out of it. With about 8 different exercises, you can usually complete an entire circuit in 10-15 minutes for a total of 40-50 minutes after a quick warm-up.

So take the exercises in the ebook and try this out for your next jumping workouts and leave me a comment to tell me how it went.

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  • The Top Ten Reasons Your Jumping Workouts Aren’t Working | Just Jump Higher said:

    […] 9. You aren’t doing the workouts correctly. Remember that a list won’t do much for you until you use it right. But when you do use it correctly, you will see mountains of improvement. That means you must do your jumping workouts quickly (not a lot of rest to keep your muscles firing), and you must perform jumping exercises (that means not doing leg squats, but exercises like box jumps or similar explosive exercises. See this post for more to get the most out of your jumping workouts). […]

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