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What Do I Need to Learn How To Dunk

13 June 2011 No Comment

The most awesome way to score in basketball is definitely a dunk. Few things will get the crowd on their feet instantly like dunking, especially when you can dunk over someone. When you can throw down in someone’s face is the coolest way to beat the other team, both with points and with just making them feel defeated.

So how to dunk? How can you learn to do this effectively and consistently? Well to learn how to dunk, there are 3 simple things that you need:

  • Be able to jump high
  • Be able to palm the ball
  • Be able to control your body

You can learn how to dunk very quickly with those three things. The best thing is that you can take care of the first and third point with the jump manual which will get you to jump higher in just a few weeks.

The second point, how to palm a basketball, is really a finger strength thing. Don’t ever use the excuse that your hands are too small and your fingers are too short. It is true that it is easier to palm the ball if you have big hands, but I know a lot of athletes who can palm a ball and have much smaller hands than I do.

The best way to build that is by doing finger exercises with a basketball. One of my favorite is slapping the basketball back and forth between my hands and squeezing the ball with my fingers each time. Really try to grab the ball and hold it. This will get your fingers used to grabbing the ball rather than just holding it.

If you do those 3 things, you will be dunking in no time, guaranteed. Let me know when you start dunking.

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