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How to Increase Jumping Ability

4 May 2011 No Comment

You can easily increase jumping ability quite easily with a few workouts per week, because your jumping ability is mostly the strength and power to jump. So add in a couple more workouts and you will see obvious improvement very quickly.

Since I have a lot of jumping workouts on this site, I’ll let you find the great ones there, but as for other various ways to jump higher, I’ll explain them here.

The quickest way to increase jumping ability is by working on your jumping form. And the best way to do this is by having a good coach look at you jump and then help you improve it, but since we all don’t have a professional jump coach on speed dial, there are other ways too. Have one of your friends or even basketball coach (or best: track coaches are really good at this) look at your jump and give you some help to improve it. Most likely you are leaning too far forward or you aren’t using your arms enough.

If the case is your arms, then use this next drill to increase your jumping ability.

Box Jumps are the best workout that also works on your jumping form. By jumping onto a high box or platform, you force yourself to use more of your arms and less of your running momentum.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and jump into the air as high as you can, then land on top of the box or platform. With this, you will find that you will have to swing your arms more so that you can get on top of the box. Do this exercise every day and you will find that you can increase your jumping ability within a few days.

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