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How to Increase Vertical

14 June 2011 No Comment

There are just 3 things that you need to know for how to increase vertical. As long as you have these three you can increase vertical more quickly than anything else.

So what does that mean? What are the three things that you need? Form, Strength, and Flexibility.

With the right form, you can learn how to increase vertical because you will line up your body in a way to jump higher within minutes of correcting bad form. The key here is to not lean too far forward. When you lean forward, you use your strength to jump forward instead of up and that sucks off inches in your ability to jump higher. So instead of that, make sure that your body is lined up from your take off foot to your hips to your shoulders to your head.

Once you have that, the next thing is strength. When you have your form right, you can add tons of strength on top of good form to increase vertical, but if you don’t have good form, when you add strength, you won’t get anywhere. So only after you fix your form, you will be able to add strength to your jumping muscles. And the key is to focus on those jumping muscles, so that means not just leg muscles. Exercise the jumping muscles by performing exercises that focus on jumping, like the following exercises:

  • Box Jumps – Have a medium sized box or platform and stand in front of it. Jumping with both feet and using your arms, jump as high as you can and onto the top of the box. Step down from the box and repeat.
  • Jump Rope – the most common of the jumping exercises because it not only builds jumping strength, but it also increases the elasticity in your tendons to help your ability to jump. So for jump rope exercises, do a normal jump rope for 100 times. And when that is easy, add more, then jump with just one foot.
  • Jump Squats – This is just a variation of normal squats, but you don’t need any weight. Instead, squat down like for a normal squat until your legs are parallel with the ground. At that point, jump up into the air as quickly as possible. Explode up using your legs and arms. When you land, move straight into the next jump squat.

After this, the key is flexibility. You can literally add inches and increase your vertical within minutes by stretching out and basically turning off the muscles and tendons that keep you from the best range of motion that will help you to jump higher. Thankfully it is not hard to fix that. The Psoas Stretch is the best stretch that will help the tendon around your legs. To stretch that, see this.

So try these things and you will definitely be on your way to learn how to increase your vertical.

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