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How to Increase Your Vertical

3 May 2011 No Comment

If you are looking for how to increase your vertical, then there are 3 different things ways to do that. The one way that most people go about it and is very effective is with jumping workouts. But that is only one way, and if you want more, then there are a lot of other things at play.

Another way is by developing the technique of jumping. That by itself can get you the most improvement in the shortest time. Because by correcting some form, you can get increase your vertical in minutes rather than waiting to build your muscles and strength which could take at least a couple weeks.

The last way how to increase your vertical is by losing weight. Besides the obvious reason that you can move quicker with less weight on you, but also because you aren’t pushing up as much weight and can therefore go further without the added stress on your joints. But the great thing about the workouts is that you will likely lose weight while doing the workouts and therefore move in the right direction.

But as for how to jump higher, there are more effective ways and the most effective is definitely to change your technique. By making small changes, you can instantly improve the amount that you jump. By changing your body position you can add inches. For more long-term jumping ability, you will want to start on a jumping workout program, otherwise, your legs will not get stronger and you won’t see your true potential. But the best is to have all three work together for the most improvement.

That is the way that I have coached my athletes. By working with all 3 different ways, you can bring them together to work the most effectively. So check out the full programs that will be sure to get the most out of your vertical jump.

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