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The 4 Best How to Jump Higher Tips

4 April 2011 No Comment

Need to know how to jump higher? These tips will give you some traction to get there. I’m sure you are looking for ways to dunk in basketball or spike a volleyball better, but either way, these how to jump higher tips will help you out.

Get a Jumping Program

There are lots of tips and tricks to jump higher, but if you are serious about improving your vertical and really getting the most out of your legs, then there is one way to get that done quickly and effectively, that is by using a jumping program. There are a few out there that really stand up to their claims, but the one that I have used and have found successful is the Jump Manual. How does adding ten inches of vertical jump sound? What could you do if you could jump 10 inches higher? Everything in the Jump Manual will have each of these how to jump higher tips and much more, so check it out.

Have Good Jumping Workouts

Having the right jumping workouts is key if you want to see results, and you won’t get results if you don’t work out. That means following the workouts and pushing yourself on every single exercise. By doing that, you can get the most out of your legs on every jump, on every sprint. We have tons of jumping workouts and exercises that you can use for free. But remember that just knowing them won’t help you. You must actually use them in order to see results.

The right jumping workouts mean that they are fast twitch exercises. That means quick and explosive movements. No more squats and heavy weights, but instead use squat jumps and little or no weights. This will allow your muscles to move immediately like a jump would, not a slow movement of a squat or most weight exercises.

Use Proper Jumping Form

This is one that a lot of athletes miss because they were just never taught well. But to be jumping higher, you need to jump with your  arms as well as your legs. You can easily lose inches of your vertical jump just by not using your arms. Make sure you swing them up as you jump. Use both of them to get all the weight of your arms to literally throw your body up in the air.

Imagine that your arms were connected to your knee, and that your driving knee is pulled up by both your arms. Watch any dunk in the NBA or NCAA Tournament and you can see how they time their legs and arms to give them the most height. In order to get a better feel for it, stand with both feet on the ground and jump straight up in the air without using your arms. Do this again, only throw both your arms towards the ceiling to get as high as you can. You will definitely see a difference in the height.

Jump A Lot

This sounds like common sense, but just by doing a lot of your activity and jumping over and over and over, you will be jumping higher in no time. Since it is easiest to improve your vertical by practicing the single thing you want to be better at. So if it is dunking, then try to dunk multiple times after practice. This will get you to line everything up and feel how to jump with a basketball and get you better at dunking.

But remember that if you want all the how to jump higher tips in a way that will guarantee you increase your jumping height, then check out the Jump Manual, you will be glad you didn’t say no.

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