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How to Jump Higher to Dunk

13 May 2011 No Comment

If you really want to know how to jump higher to dunk, I’ll let you in on a secret. And it will only require a little stretching.

I’m serious. If you are close to dunking, but somehow cannot quite get that last little bit in order to dunk, then I will let you in on a secret that will get you jumping higher in no time. Literally.

There are a few stretches that you will have to do in order to squeeze out a little more out of your jump.

Psoas Stretch — This stretch will stretch out the Psoas muscle which is the muscle that hinders you from getting the most reach from your leg to your arm. Translation: you can’t stretch out your entire body when that muscle is tight, so you won’t be able to dunk.

To perform the stretch, get in lunge position so you are on one knee. Tighten your glutes and push your hips forward. That is the typical Psoas stretch, but to get more out of it, lean back from your hips and turn your body towards your front knee. You will feel the stretch in your groin and the front of your hip.

Anterior Tibialis Stretch — the anterior tibialis is just the tendon in front of your calves and allows you more flexibility when your calf is flexed.

And this stretch is less complicated than the psoas stretch. Kneel down with your ankles and knees together, toes pointing back. Then sit back onto your ankles and lean back. You will feel this stretch through your shins.

Lat Stretch — this stretch will loosen up the muscles to your arms, allowing you to reach higher.

Reach your arm above, then behind your head. With your other hand, pull on that arm so that you feel a stretch in your side.

So try these three stretches and I promise that you will be able to jump higher than you did before, guaranteed.

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