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22 May 2011 No Comment

In order to get the most out of a jump higher program, there are a few things you could use. Because you need to have a sense of direction in a goal that you are completely committed to accomplishing. This will put you miles ahead of guys who just want to “jump higher” because you know what you want to accomplish and you are committed to getting it.

If you don’t have that, then write something down now of what you want out of your jump higher program. How much higher do you want to jump? How much better do you want to dunk? Do you want to do a 360 or would you like to dunk two-handed?

With a clear expectation, you can more clearly go down the path so you can succeed.

So what else do you need to get out of your Jump Higher Program? Well with your goals in mind, you will need constant coaching in order to get you there. That means a good coach who knows his stuff enough so that you can more easily achieve your goals. So this coach must have the testimonials of other athletes that he has helped to do the exact same.

Those will include effective jumping workouts to get the most out of each workout.

Secondly, you need videos that will explain great jumping technique which will get you to jump higher by fixing some bad form, which can only take a couple minutes when you know what to look for. This will include these things:

  • Speed Up Before Take-Off – When you slow down, you lose your momentum, but when you speed up, it is as if you are taking off of a ramp. This will give you the most momentum to transfer straight up. So when you are about to jump, run a little faster (while staying in control).
  • Stand Tall – A lot of jumpers will bend too far forward and lose a lot of the power that you generate. Stand tall so that when you bend down to spring up that you create a straight line with your head, shoulders, hips, and foot. With that line, you will generate all of your power straight up your body and jump higher than if you were bent forward which will transfer your momentum forward, not up.
  • Use Your Arms – By swinging your arms when you take-off, you will get more power from your upper body plus your legs. That is twice as much power or more, as compared to if you just used your legs.

So use these effectively when you are looking for a jump higher program. You could get a lot out of your vertical jump when you pick the right one. The one that I have liked is the Jump Manual which guarantees results or your money back. So check it out today, because he just added a ton of new stuff to it.

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