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The Jump Workouts to Jump Higher, Lose Weight, and Build Strength

14 March 2011 No Comment

One of the best kind of jump higher workouts, whether you want to lose weight, build strength, or build quickness, are jump workouts. You can get all you need from jump workouts, and there are a million ways to jump, so you will not run out of exercises, either. You can focus on different aspects in order to get out what you want.

For jump workouts to lose weight, focus on repetition without any rest. You want to be moving the entire time, so breaks shouldn’t be more than 90 seconds. Make sure that the length of your jump workouts is at least 60 minutes long. Some of the best exercises for this type of workout are jump rope, jump squats, box jumps, and any other plyometric exercises that keep you moving like ladders or hurdles.

The best jump workouts to build strength, do not be afraid to add a little weight to each exercise. Do not add very much, you want to start with only 10-15 pounds because you can hurt your knees if you do not know what you are doing. So using a weight vest is best, because you can keep the weight on your body and your hands and arms free, but if you do not have one, using dumbbells works great as well. The best exercises for this is single-leg jumps (without weight), squat jumps (with weight), jump and press, short box jumps (with weight).

As for jump workouts to build quickness, focus on a lot of plyometric exercises that include box jumps and ladders and hurdles because in order to build quickness and explosiveness, you need to do quick and explosive exercises. Focus on moving your legs and your body off of the ground as quickly as possible. And for the exercises, when you hit the ground, jump again immediately. Keep your time on the ground at a minimum. Always be moving, and move quickly to build that.

If you are using these jump workouts to jump higher, then make sure to rotate them all for the most increase in your vertical jump. Otherwise, focus on the jump workouts to build strength and quickness, because those are the most important parts of jumping higher: your strength and quickness.

And if you are not using these to increase your vertical, then focus on the jump workout that you want to improve, but throw in another one of them every week or every other week in order to change things and make your muscles adapt a little more.

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