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27 July 2011 No Comment

jumping exercisesThere area lot of jumping exercises out there, but before you get into your jumping workouts, check these out. They will help you to jump higher and build explosive strength at the same time. But the best way to get the most out of your jumping exercises is to make them quick off the ground, spending more time in the air than on the ground.

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Box Jumps – Jumping Exercises

This is one of the main jumping exercises I have used to strengthen my jumping muscles because it is simple to do, it is easy to track your progress, and it’s very quick and explosive which is exactly what you need in order to build the fast twitch muscles to increase your vertical.

Get a box or platform and stand in front of it with your feet together. Use your arms and entire body and jump as high as you can onto the top of the box. Step back down and repeat. Here’s a quick video, and you can see that it is best if you have access to a plyometric box or the stackable steps like are in this short video.

Step Ups – Jumping Exercises

This is another quick one of the jumping exercises that will help with more of the fast twitch muscles in your legs. And you can do it with the plyometric boxes that you use in the box jumping exercises.

So with a medium sized box (about knee height to mid-thigh height) stand in front of the box with one foot on the box. Use that foot on the box to push up and jump up and switch feet so you land with the opposite foot on the box and your other foot on the ground. Immediately do the same and jump back with your first foot on the box. Continue to repeat to finish the jumping exercises.

Line Jumps – Jumping Exercises

This is one of the great jumping exercises that will improve your foot speed and balance, two things that are extremely important to increase your vertical jump and improve your overall athletic ability. This also will help your ankle strength if you have bad ankles (which I do), but be careful when you first start out.

Stand next to a line, either on a basketball court, or a line of tape that you put on the ground. Jump sideways across the line, only using 1 foot. After 15-30 of those, switch to your other foot. When you are done with that, stand on two feet and do the same. After that, stand in front of the line instead of next to it and jump over and back with one foot, then the other foot, then both feet.

If that becomes too easy, then grab something to jump over like a weight bench or a cone.

For more jumping exercises and jumping workouts, click on the links and see a full list of videos and tips to jump higher.

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