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3 Effective Jumping Exercises for Basketball

30 March 2011 No Comment

The best jumping exercises for basketball will be ones that keep you jumping continuously. In basketball, you are always moving, sprinting, jumping, everything, and so your jumping exercises have to reflect that. So for those exercises, you can keep them short if you make sure to keep them intense.

The jumping exercises for basketball that I do for my athletes are ones that include typical basketball stuff. I have them do conditioning off the court in order to keep as much as we can during practice directly related to the basketball game. That keeps their mind going in the right direction with the right mindset of a basketball game. Especially with younger players like high school, you have to keep their attention on one thing or you will lose it quickly.

Layup Hops

These Lay-up drills are for post players to help them get rebounds and go back with the bucket. Have the player stand to the right side of the hoop, facing the backboard. Toss the basketball off the backboard lightly and hop up to catch it and toss it back again quickly, before you land. The basketball should never be in the athlete’s hands when he is in contact with the ground. Hop up and bounce it off the backboard 20 times and on the last jump, shoot it into the hoop for a score.

Then switch sides and repeat.

Group Defense

This one is great for the coaches, but the athletes usually hate it. But it works on defense stance and endurance. A lot like the football drill, have them stand in lines and holding the correct defense stance. Make sure they do it correctly or you can have them start over or punish them in whatever way since they are likely to get tired and lazy by the end of the drill.

Have them do quick feet and continue until you give them directions like left, right, or jump where they must move either left or right or jump high as if for a rebound. And you can always have them jump repeatedly or just once.

And feel free to add different variations to the movement such as diagonal or back or dive on the ground for a loose ball. All these can be for fun or to strengthen a weak area of a team.

Lay-up Drills

This one is best if you have only 10-15 athletes, so they’re perfect for warmups. Have two lines towards the hoop for lay-ups, one side shoots, the other side rebounds. And have the players lay in the ball, and have them jump as high as they can and touch the backboard while scoring if they can.

Keep this drill moving quickly for the best jumping exercise. For basketball I like these workouts to go quickly with very little rest in between.

For all of these jumping exercises, switch it up in order to focus on different aspects at different times for the best results to jump.

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