Jumping Exercises

You can find all sorts of jumping exercises around the internet, but most of the videos are crap, so here are some videos that I have found that are helpful and that you can use to add to your regular workout routine. Because we all find that we get bored with the usual jumping exercises that we have, so when you do get bored, add these.

These are the 3 sections of all the videos: Plyometric Exercises, Abdominal Exercises, and Classic Exercises

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Plyometric Exercises


This video shows some variations on bounding as well as a short part at the end on some hurdle hopping.

Box Jumps

Here is a video to demonstrate correct box jumps:

Broad Jumps

Here is a funny video that explains in detail, how to complete a broad jump:

Line Jumps

You don’t have to hold your pinkies like he does, and use your feet as you wish (single or both). But this is a great demo and very clear.

Power Skipping

Here we have a quick video demonstrating how to power skip.

Depth Jumps / Rebound Jumps

Some people call them depth jumps or rebound jumps, so use whichever you like better. And here are some variations on that.

Scissor Jumps

This video has shows scissor jumps, but in order to build more explosive power, you should try to get more vertical height than he does. Try to stay in the air for at least 1-2 seconds.

Thrust Ups

Here is how to do Thrust Ups Correctly:

Tuck Jumps

This is a nice 4 second video giving you a demonstration for Tuck Jumps.

Core Exercises / Abdominal Exercises

Leg Lifts

Here is a quick video for leg lifts to work your abs.

Oblique Twists

This video will show you exactly how to perform oblique twists with a medicine ball. You can use any weight instead of a medicine ball.


This video from Runner’s World explains very well how to do a plank and a side plank as well as a few variations.


Here is a video that shows a couple different levels and ways for doing the superman.


This video is complete with a very happy, excited lady to tell you about how to perform V-Crunches.

Classic Exercises

Jump Rope

Here is a video for different jump rope techniques. Ridiculous music makes me laugh every time. As well as the extremely happy and fit and attractive fitness model.


This is a good video explaining very well how to do lunges correctly.


How to perform Step Ups Correctly.

And if you want more than just a few videos, then enter your email and let me send you a complete guide to jump higher in 45 minutes.

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