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Using Your Butt to be Jumping Higher

12 January 2011 One Comment

Do you know what muscles you use for jumping higher? Because if you don’t, you could be wasting time and energy to work out the wrong muscles.

I’ll guess that your first thought was your leg muscles, but you are only half right. First because there are lots of leg muscles and only a few of them are extremely important for jumping higher, second because you are missing some of the biggest muscles that are involved in jumping higher.

As I found from LiveStrong.com and Jacob Hiller, the main muscles you use are your core (abs and back), your gleuts (your butt muscles), and your calves. Those are the key muscles that are used, the rest are secondary. And if you do squats or situps or calf raises in order to strengthen them, you will only make your vertical worse than it is.

What you do need are jump squats, plank, and jump rope exercises. The reason why is because jump squats will work the explosive muscles in your gleut’s and legs, not just the strength muscles which will allow you to explode up which will give you a quicker take off for a higher jump.

The plank is good because it is the best exercise to strengthen your entire core without movement. And that is exactly what you need for a solid body for jumping higher. You need that solid core, not a weak one that won’t be able to take the torque you will put on it. If you don’t, then your body will essentially crumple against the power from your legs (which are the strongest muscles in your body so if your core muscles cannot handle that, then you will waste tons of power).

Finally, your calves are probably the most important and most overlooked piece of jumping higher. The main reason is because people aren’t sure how to train it. They only do a few calf raises for looks, but the reason to strengthen this muscles is not for looks. Make sure to exercise these muscles with quick, jumping motions like jump rope. And more than that, make sure you work each leg separately because a lot of people jump off of just one foot when they run and jump. So there isn’t a use to strengthen them together when you need to be strong with one footed jumps.

So quit wasting time by doing squats and other boring leg exercises and get to something that will actually get you jumping higher quick than anything else. And for more exercises to add to your workout, enter your name and email for our free list of exercises above in the sidebar.

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