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Learn to Jump Higher

7 May 2011 No Comment

If you want to learn to jump higher, then you are in luck, because there are a lot of ways to do it. And that is what this website is all about.

There are a few ways to start, the most common being jumping workouts since we all know how to do a few workouts to build strength, but just make sure that you are doing this correctly.

By doing your jumping workouts correctly, I mean that you need to focus on the right muscles. Fast twitch muscles are the muscles that you will find are the most explosive and powerful and will be able to get you off the ground the quickest and the highest. Slow strength is useless to jumpers since we need to be able to get off the ground immediately and repeatedly. This isn’t a marathon, it is the quickest and shortest sprint into the air repeatedly.

If you don’t exercise your body for that, then you won’t see the gains that you can. So forget about the squats and leg lifts, but instead focus on quick movements like jump squats and jump rope and box jumps. These exercises will get you the quick, off-the-ground speed and power that you will need to have.

Also, technique is also key to learn to jump higher. This is also the quickest way to learn to jump higher since you can tweak a few things with your jumping and you can instantly add inches to your jump.

These are the most common problems with athlete’s form when they jump:

  • Leaning Too Far Forward. When you jump, you need to stand tall. Keep your body straight so that all the power from your legs go straight up into your body, not get lost when your body bends and tweaks. Think of when you throw a stick as opposed to when you throw a wet noodle. The noodle will absorb all of the force that you put on it.
  • Not Using Your Arms. In order to get the most height, use your entire body. Your arms as counterweights to swing up into the air and literally throw your body into the air. If you just let them hang down, then you will be jumping entirely with the strength of your legs, which is not as easy.
  • Slowing Down Too Much Another thing with jumping is that in order to get the most, you need to keep your speed and momentum going. If you stop, then you lose that extra power. Think of a bike ramp, if you want to get a bigger jump off the ramp, then you need to keep speeding up. If you slow down right at the end, then you will just fall off the end and crash. Not good. So speed up as you are about to take off.

So try those out, because you will find that those are what you need to learn to jump higher, so let me know how they work for you.

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