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Learn to Jump Higher

23 May 2011 No Comment

When I want to learn something, I usually do a quick Google search for it, but when I want to learn to jump higher, I asked my friends who could jump higher than me. And although I knew what most of them would say, there were a few things that surprised me quite a lot, and those surprising things usually got me the most improvement as I learned to jump higher.

The obvious things that I expected to hear were my friends who played a lot of basketball to begin with, and they said that you just have to play a lot and jump a lot. By stretching yourself to jump as high as you can all the time, and that will build the strength you need to jump higher.

And I knew this already, because the first time I dunked was when I was playing in Europe for a few weeks and we did nothing but play basketball twice a day and try to dunk the rest of the time. Which payed off since I finally dunked a couple times, but I lost it after I got home and wasn’t playing as often.

And the rest of them said to work out more than I was already (which wasn’t much), and to focus on jumping exercises like jump rope and box jumps and stuff like that which focus on explosive muscles.

But the most helpful way I was told to learn to jump higher was to stretch. And although this is that boring thing that your coach always told you to do, it actually helps a ton. By stretching out your calf after you work out, you can build more strength and power in it.

Also, you can essentially turn off certain muscles that hold you back from jumping your highest. These muscles aren’t talked about much, until recently, and you can actually learn a lot about jumping when you try out these stretches.

  • The Psoas Stretch – this is a muscle in your leg which you can turn off to help you jump a little higher and get a lot more out of your jump because this muscle holds you back without you really knowing it. Get in lunge position with your right leg forward. Lean back, push your hips forward, and twist your body to the right. You will feel a pull in your glutes and thigh. Hold for 10-20 seconds and repeat the other side.
  • Stretch Your Arms – By stretching your arms, you will give yourself a few more inches of reach when you jump higher in basketball to dunk. So reach one arm behind your head and grab that elbow with your opposite hand. Pull your elbow towards your head and feel the stretch in your triceps and side. Again hold for 10-20 seconds and repeat with the other side.

Try these out and see how much you gain with your vertical. And if you want more to learn to jump higher, check out the number one rated jumping program

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