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6 April 2011 No Comment

You can find so many different jumping workouts, but for the most effective leg workouts to jump higher, you have to have the right jumping exercises. And you can always get my own personal list of jumping exercises here.

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But the key to the right leg workouts to jump higher, is these aren’t leg workouts to get stronger legs, so don’t think that you should be doing squat exercises or any types of slow, heavy leg exercises like that. You will not jump higher with those. Your leg workouts must be quick and explosive, otherwise you will use the wrong type of muscle tissue. You need to work the fast twitch muscle fibers which can only be worked during explosive, jumping movements.

So this is the leg workouts to jump higher:

  • Jump Rope – One of the best ways to start your leg workouts is to warm up your body with something easy like jump rope. This will get things going by doing about 100 jumps in a row. It’s a classic move and an easy one to improve on. So make sure to always start with this one.
  • Box Jumps – This is another exercise I use for all of my jumping workouts because it will let you know when you are going to easy and need to increase the level of intensity and power. Grab a large box, and stand in front of it. Jumping off of both legs and using both arms, jump as high as you can onto the box. Hop back down and repeat.
  • Bounding – This exercise will give each leg the focus it needs. Think of high skipping that is really exaggerated. Start by running a short distance then taking quick jumps on your run while driving your knee upwards and holding in the air for a second. Here’s a video of it to get a better picture

  • Squat Jumps – This is just like regular squats, but much better if you want to jump higher. Instead of using weights and slow movements, you use quick, explosive jumps. Lower your body just like a squat, until your legs are parallel with the ground, then explode up reaching for the ceiling. Land softly and move directly into the next squat jump.

Do each of these exercises with 3 sets of 15, except, of course, the jump rope.

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