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The 9 Steps to Make You Jump Higher Immediately

10 July 2011 No Comment

You want to dunk, you want to jump higher, you need to stand out from the rest of your team and start playing at a higher level, and of course you need a way to make you jump higher quickly, but there are so many unhelpful websites and resources out there which will get you no closer to actually jumping higher and dunking.

So here are the ultimate tips that will make you jump higher immediately. And I guarantee that after you read this and put it to work, you will be jumping higher.

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1. Get the Right Shoes that Help You Jump Higher – This is so important! Because when your shoes don’t fit, you don’t want to play your best, let alone jump and sprint your hardest. So you need shoes that fit your feet comfortably. So don’t just go for the most popular pair, get the ones that will help you play your best.

Also, get some shoes that have a stiffer sole which makes the shoe more reactive when you push off. When your shoes are too flexible, then it will be like jumping off of sand, which is not as good as jumping off a solid object.

volleyball hit make you jump higher
2. Improve Your Jumping Form – Without the right jumping form, then buying nice shoes and doing a bunch of workouts won’t make you jump higher at all. They could actually hurt your vertical because you can hurt yourself and strain your muscles. But if you perfect your jumping form, you can instantly improve your vertical by getting the most out of your muscles and getting rid of old bad habits. Good Form:

  • Stand tall and don’t lean forward. When you lean forward, you jump out more than up and won’t get as high as you want. So in order to get the most power, line up your body to act like a spring like this..
  • Line up your body so that when you take a jump there is a straight line from your take-off foot to your hip, to your shoulder, to your head. Have a friend watch your jump, or take pictures with your phone or something in order to get the best power transfer.
  • Use your arms to throw your body higher. Have you tried to jump with your hands in your pockets? It sucks, doesn’t it? Well use your arms correctly and you can jump so much higher it is insane. Use your arms like a timed explosive so that you throw your arms up as you jump and hit the height at the top of your jump. Think of stretching your body out and reaching for the sky.
  • Also, use your driving knee, too. Just like using your arms as a counterweight to throw your body up in the air, also use your driving knee in the same way to explode into the air.

3. Effective Jumping Workouts – To jump your highest, you must also build the right jumping muscles, and that means exercising your jumping muscles in the most effective ways. The problem with most jumping workouts is that they focus on just your leg muscles, but actually most of your jumping power comes from your butt first, then calves, then your main leg muscles in your thighs. So the most effective jumping exercises for your jumping muscles are exercises like jump rope, jump squats, box jumps, depth jumps, cone jumps, and other plyometric exercises.. jumping workouts to make you jump higher

4. Plyometric Exercises – Plyo’s are the best exercise to make you jump higher because they build your fast twitch muscles which are responsible for explosive movements like jumping and sprinting.

Here are some Jumping Exercises. Click on the link to see the videos

  • Box Jumps
  • Depth Jumps
  • Cone Drills
  • Line Drills
  • Bounding
  • and Jump Rope…

5. Strengthen your Tendons – I’m sure you’ve never heard this before because it is the last thing that most resources will tell you is how much your tendons have to do with jumping. Your tendons are the elastic spring that make you jump higher. The best way to build this is with jump rope exercises. It builds your jumping muscles as well as strengthen the tendons that connect everything together to create that quickness and explosiveness.

6. Stretching to Jump Higher – This is not your parents boring stretching! This is specific, purposeful stretching that makes you jump higher by stretching key muscles. This will stretch the restrictive muscles that keep certain leg muscles from moving through their full range of motion to get the most out of them.
Psoas stretch to make you jump higher
It is the Psoas muscle that stretches across the front of your leg and actually stops your legs from using as much power as it can. To stretch the Psoas muscle, get in lunge position with your right foot forward with your knee at a 90 degree angle, and kneeling on your left leg behind you. Put both hands behind your head, lean back and then push your hips forward. Twist your upper body to the right. You will feel the stretch in your back and your butt. Switch to do both sides.

7. Warm Up the Right Way – In order to get the most out of your muscles, you have to warm up correctly. Just like you wouldn’t run a 100 meter race without warming up your sprinting muscles, you shouldn’t try to dunk without warming up your jumping muscles. The key is that your body should be warm and sweating at the end of the warm up, and that you focus on the prime jumping muscles: your butt, calves, and thighs. So use warm up movements like high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, walking lunges, leg swings, and other form runs.

8. How to Palm the Basketball – Learning to palm the ball is one of the best ways to dunk instantly because you can cut off 3-4 inches that you don’t need to jump and still throw down an awesome dunk.

To do this, you need to build finger strength as well as get some good tips.

  • Grip the ball across the seams not in them. So grab the ball so just the tips of your fingers grab inside the grooves, this will give you a bit more leverage.
  • Slap the ball back and forth in your hands to wake up the tendons and muscles in your hands and get used to squeezing the basketball.
  • Strengthen your fingers with finger pushups. This will be the best way to start building up more strength in your hands.

9. Mindset – This is honestly the most important piece of doing anything, and I know it can feel crazy to think about it, remember that as long as you think that you cannot jump higher, then you never will. inspiration to make you jump higherAnd let me tell you, I was certain that I would never be able to dunk because I never had, plus I wasn’t working out consistently, plus I was only going to get more and more out-of-shape, but once I realized that was bullshit and that people less in shape and older than me were getting more out of their bodies, I saw that was a lie and just needed to work on the right things to build the muscles that will make you jump higher.

Now I can dunk consistently and quite impressively too. I’ve had more compliments because of how hard I worked to dunk well. So don’t give in to the lie, instead know that anyone can do anything they set their mind on, and with the right tools and the right plan, you can do anything. And there’s no better time to start then now.

So to start, get this 15 page guide to Make You Jump Higher in 45 minutes. I guarantee you will learn so much more from that quick read than you have found anywhere else. Plus you have nothing to lose. It is completely free, and there is no obligation.

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