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My Story: How I Learned to Improve My Vertical

26 May 2011 No Comment

When I started looking into how to improve my vertical, I saw that there was a lot of information available but I had no idea if it worked or if it was just garbage, well to save you some time, a lot of it is just garbage. It is a lot of the same stuff regurgitated in order to create content on websites, but if you want to actually learn how to jump higher, then you need to find the good information that has worked for a bunch of other people and do that.

But when I realized what was really working and what really was going to improve my vertical, then I stuck with that. And that is key, because a lot of programs are designed for a lot of people, but if one thing or another doesn’t quite work for you, then it is okay to cut it out (unless you are just making an excuse since you are lazy).

And this is what I found to work:

  • Quick Jumping Exercises – the best jumping exercises are ones that will make you jump quickly and push yourself to jump higher than you are used to. Exercises like box jumps and depth jumps as well as jump rope exercises will really get your muscles strengthened to jump.
  • A Good Reason – it wasn’t until me and my friends started a good contest to see who could dunk first, then we all really got serious about improving our vertical. And I was the most serious because I could always jump well, but I could never quite dunk and I always wanted to dunk in a high school basketball game. So when I started really getting serious and getting up early with my friends to work out, and after school too, then I started to see real results and started to play above the rim.
  • A Jumping Program – This is the one thing that will help you more than anything else because the best information is from someone who has already taught other people to dunk and has been successful at that. If you don’t want to buy one, then you don’t have to, but if you are serious, then this is the most valuable way to start. Quit spending money on more basketball shoes, and start playing better basketball. It is as easy as a that in order to get serious and start dunking. That is the way I could improve my vertical in only a few weeks.

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