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This One Tip to Increase Your Vertical

15 June 2011 No Comment

If you really want to increase your vertical, and you are sick of seeing all the different stuff around there, then you are probably not sure about where to start.

Then start here, and you can get some increase in your vertical very quickly.

First, throw out all of your other jumping workouts because most likely they aren’t doing anything because you need to have jumping exercises that work. That means workouts that get you to jump, and then jump higher. If your workouts have you doing slow moving leg exercises, then you will likely hurt your vertical, not increase it. You must use exercises that get you jumping quickly and explosively.

Exercises like box jumps, squat jumps, and jump rope exercises that you will find here will actually get you to start to build jumping strength to jump higher, not just leg strength.

If you do this one thing, you will save yourself tons of time and energy that could be wasted on the wrong exercises.

jump higher

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