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The Only Program I Will Use to Increase Vertical

6 April 2011 No Comment

When looking for a program to increase vertical, then you need one that is proven to do that. And you need one that will work for you. There are too many crappy programs out there that won’t get you anywhere, and will only sell you on some bad ebook with some workouts. There is only one that I will recommend to my athletes because it is the only one that I have gotten consistent results from every time.

With every program, you want to see results for your money. And this one is guaranteed or your money back. Where else can you be guaranteed to succeed or they will pay you all your money back? School definitely doesn’t do that. I would love it if my schooling had told me that I will get straight A’s or I can have all of my tuition back, I wouldn’t have worried about all of those classes I had failed.

But on a serious note, for a program to increase vertical, you will want a few things: an awesome jumping workout, awesome coaching, great videos to explain everything, and a place to talk to other athletes who are doing the same so you can work together.

The Jump Manual is the only one that I have found which does all of this. The other ones like Air Alert are great, but are missing a lot of stuff that could be very beneficial. Also the Vertical Explosion is great, if you want to spend a ton of money. So for either way, the Jump Manual is by far the best program at the best price.

Just check it out and let me know what you think of it.

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