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Shoes That Will Increase Your Vertical Jump

13 May 2011 No Comment

So you want to increase your vertical jump? Well, you can do it with just switching out your shoes.

I’m serious.

There are a few different ways of doing this, though. You can get the shoes that are banned from the NBA, or you can do it a little bit differently. Because those banned shoes that will increase your vertical jump are designed to give too much spring when you jump (that’s why they’re banned, because you can’t play professional basketball with big springs on your feet, that’s just stupid), you can use some of the same principles when you buy your next pair of “legal” shoes.

The same principles are that you need a solid platform to jump off of. If you don’t have a solid platform, then it will be like jumping in sand, and if you have ever played beach volleyball, or tried to bounce a basketball in the sand, you know what I mean. You need something solid.

So look for shoes have a stiff central sole. That means the center of the sole is stiffer than most shoes. As long as it is not too stiff, and it hurts your feet, then the stiffer the better. Because this will give you a solid platform to transfer the most energy from your legs into the ground and back up so that you increase your vertical jump.

And on top of that, getting shoes that are lighter will help, but not to a huge degree, so don’t sweat about weight. If you are between two pairs of shoes that are an a couple ounces different in weight, go with the ones that feel the most comfortable, because that is what really matters.

You need to have shoes that feel good on your feet and that give you a better sense of control. That will give you the confidence to jump more and will improve your jump.

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