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Tips to Jump Higher

25 October 2010 No Comment

We are all looking for an edge. Jumping a little bit higher is a great athletic edge that will let us soar above the competition (pardon the pun). But seriously, whether it is basketball or volleyball or track, your ability to explode and elevate will give you a quickness to get past people and control your body more while you are competing.

So what are some quick tips to allow you to do this? Well here are a couple:

  • Lose Weight. How much you weigh is very much overlooked when thinking about tips to jump higher. But the truth is that we don’t realize how many extra pounds we carry around. Think about a ten pound sack of potatoes. Would you want to play basketball with that strapped to your back? Now think about how much extra weight you are keeping around your waists. If you can burn this extra fat off, you will gain quite a bit of agility and quickness and explosiveness to jump higher.
  • Use Your Arms Correctly. If you jump right, then you are using your arms, but if you aren’t coordinating them with your legs, then you could be defeating yourself. Make sure that your arms are in sync with your legs so that your arms are used as counter-weights to help you get off the ground. To help this, grab two 5-pound dumbbells to hold in each hand. Without using your legs, swing your arms up and out to hop around. Feel this movement in your body and slowly start using your legs in time with your arms. And remember your arms can weigh up to 20-pounds each, so you have quite the counter-weights attached to you.
  • Build Explosiveness. Strength is good, but explosive power is better. Sure you can squat 800 pounds, but I bet you can’t jump worth anything. So train your legs correctly. Instead of squats or lunges or other static exercises, do leg exercises where you have to leap or jump onto something or over something. I like one-legged leaps where you stand on one leg and swing your other leg out in front of you and jump as far as you can. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Get Mental. The problem with most jumpers is that they really don’t believe they can. If you have been around high jumpers, they usually have this one height that they can’t get past. But the moment they finally do it, they realize that it isn’t that hard to do it and immediately they start improving past their previous plateau. By simply realizing that you can and thinking about it constantly, watching yourself jump that height over and over will actually improve your jumping ability.

Watch this video. Then Click here for more on increasing your vertical.

Here’s the Link again for Increasing Your Vertical.

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