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The Only Vertical Jump Workout That Works

7 March 2011 6 Comments

What if I told you that your vertical jump workout isn’t going to really increase your vertical. Well it might, a little bit, maybe an inch or two. But what if you wanted to actually start dunking and jumping higher than anyone in your high school? Then you will need something a little different. And these jumping workouts are exactly what I have found to work to increase your vertical more than 5-10 inches.

You have to realize first, that you have to focus on fast twitch muscles, so no more squats or slow movements. Those will feel good and make you sore, but you don’t want to be sore, you want a vertical jump workout that works. So make sure that all these movements are quick, explosive movements that get you jumping repeatedly.

And you have to focus on the upper legs and the lower legs (your calves) in the same workout. So this is the vertical jump workout that I have used to see huge gains in the shortest amount of time. But be prepared to put in at least 2-3 weeks of workouts 6 days each week.

Start with box jumps, grab a box or sturdy object and jump on top of it. Make sure it is at least knee height to mid thigh so that you are having to push yourself each jump. The point is that you need to push yourself to jump higher every time so that you start seeing improvement. Perform these box jumps 10 times, and do 3 sets of them.

Next, do some squat jumps. Lower your body in squat form without any weights, and when your legs are parallel to the floor, explode up and reach for the ceiling. When you come back down to the ground, move straight into the next squat jump. Make sure these moves are continuous and make sure to jump as high as you can on each jump. Perform 15 of these with 3 sets.

For the last exercise of this vertical jump workout, focus on your calves. Sometimes I will put these in between my squat jumps, but usually I wait til I finish all 3 sets of the squat jumps, then focus on the 3 sets of these. For this exercise, it is basically jump rope without the jump rope. Stand normally, and jump using only your calves, so keep your legs straight and your knees locked. Jump 100 times in a row using both feet. Repeat 3 times. If that is too easy, then do your first set of 100 with both feet, then do single leg jumps after that. If that also is too easy, then add another 100 jumps per set.

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The nice thing about this vertical jump workout is that it does not take long at all. And if you push yourself on each jump, but do not jump more than you should, and do not perform slow twitch movements such as normal squats or lunges, then your legs shouldn’t get sore, so feel free to perform this vertical jump workout every day, even twice per day.

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