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Ways to Increase Vertical

26 May 2011 No Comment

There are only a few effective ways to increase vertical, so if you want to filter through all of the good information that is available, then you only need to know a few things that will get you there.

Basically, you need the right workouts that will increase your vertical. Those workouts include jumping workouts that focus on exercises that use your fast twitch muscles like jumping, sprinting and other plyometric exercises. The best plyometric exercises to help you jump higher will be ones like box jumps, depth jumps, bounding, and other jumping exercises like that.

The other ways to increase vertical will be ways that will do this quickly and effectively like a full warmup to get your jumping muscles firing from your calves, thighs, and glutes. So make sure to warm up with movements that focus on the three of these. Ones that I use are squat jumps and jump rope movements without a rope (because it just takes up room and it is easier to warm up without it).

Next, make sure that you focus on quick movements that will help you build that quick muscle strength. Because if you want ways to not increase your vertical, then use exercises like heavy squats and lunges and other slow movements which will get you nowhere and actually hurt your vertical jump. Make sure to stay away from any jumping program that tells that this is the way to jump higher, because it will only strengthen the slow muscles meant to move a lot of weight, not jump quickly.

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