Workout for Jumping Higher

If you are starting an awesome jump program to start Jumping Higher, then you will want some jumping workouts to get going. And there are two main things to remember with any workout for jumping higher, and that is to keep the movements short and quick. There should be no slow, long exercises like squats or anything for your workout for jumping higher. Also, nearly all of the exercises must be jumping movements.

When you do short, quick movements, you focus on fast twitch muscles and that will get you jumping higher as opposed to slow twitch kind which are good for slow strength moves, not jumping.

And you need to have jumping movements in your workout for jumping higher because you are obviously working to jumping higher, not anything else. So do those movements.

Workout for Jumping Higher

So here it is, a quick workout for jumping higher. Make sure to add this to your current workout at least 3 times per week, but no more than 5 times a week.

Box Jumps – Get a large box or obstacle that is sturdy and secure. With both feet together, jump up onto the box. Hop back down onto the ground, then repeat.

Bounding – This is like extreme skipping. Use exaggerated movements and double the length of typical skips. But start jogging and then start driving your knees into the air with powerful movements. Use your arms to help get your body higher into the air.

Jump Rope – This is the classic workout for jumping higher. It’s classic and it works because it focuses on your calves which are the key to jumping higher. There’s no need to get fancy with the jump rope, just make sure that you are focusing on both legs, then each leg separately. So do double leg jumps, then single leg jumps.

For another workout for jumping higher, check this out.

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