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Workouts to Jump Higher

18 May 2011 No Comment

For anyone who wants to jump higher, you will need a workout to jump higher. You must strengthen the muscles that help you jump so that you can jump higher. But there is something different with jumping higher than it is to lift a ton of weight. So there are some key differences to your typical workouts.

These will involve mainly fast twitch muscles, which are the quick, sprinting muscles. Slow twitch muscles are just that: slow. And we all know that jumping higher is a quick movement, an explosive movement. So you need to practice with explosive movements in order to strengthen that move.

So how do you do this?

You will need to do just a few things for your workout to jump higher. You will need to jump higher. No duh, right? Well if you don’t, then you will simply waste your jump workout. So make sure that your exercises push you to jump higher than you typically would. That’s why I like box jumps so that you force yourself to get up as high as you can.

Also, make sure to do a lot of jump rope which will not only strengthen your calves, but also turn your tendons into super rubber bands that will make you snap into the air. Something about the repeated landing on the ground with jump rope exercises will build that tension in your calves.

Just by doing those two exercises, you could see massive improvement over time, but if you want to jump higher in about 14 days, then check out that post where I got into detail about how to jump higher in just two weeks.

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